You may have heard the term FASH exam being thrown around recently. You're probably familiar with the FAST exam for trauma patients. The FASH is also a focused assessment tool using ultrasound, but it is best utilized in a specialized subset of patients. FASH - focused assessment with sonography for HIV-associated tuberculosis - is a quick way to identify extra-pulmonary TB in the absence of other resources.

It is similar to a FAST exam in its methodical approach, but includes cardiac assessment plus the aorta with abdominal and peri-aortic lymph nodes, evaluation for pleural effusion, fluid in Morrison's pouch and the spleno-renal pouch with special attention to splenic and hepatic lesions, as well as the Pouch of Douglas.

Crit Ultrasound J . 2012; 4(1): 21. Published online 2012 Nov 21. doi:   10.1186/2036-7902-4-21

Crit Ultrasound J. 2012; 4(1): 21. Published online 2012 Nov 21. doi:  10.1186/2036-7902-4-21

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